Metamorphosis! My book is published!

3d_bookcoverYes, this is change. I have become an author. My book is finally published! Metamorphosis by Decree.  You can order it at my website ( or at the publisher’s site (

Wow, that was a long journey. I’m going to blog about what it took to write and get published, but for now, I’ll just give you the summary.

This project was nine years in the making. That’s not completely fair. It didn’t take that long to write. I can type two to three thousand words a day pretty easy on a subject I like, so writing it wasn’t that hard. I had an idea or dream of story ending and then I wrote a very long story on how some characters got to that ending.

That part took a few years. It wasn’t very good and I ignored it for long periods of time. I finally rewrote it, (maybe the seventh time), and thought I was done. It was scary but I let someone else read it. It was an editorial review from iUniverse.

That’s an indication of how close I thought I was to be done. I had already contracted a hybrid publisher. Needless to say, I didn’t understand what I got back. The gist was the story was good, but needed a lot of work. I was denied the opportunity to be in the ‘good book club’.

That was followed by about six months of pouting before I re-wrote it again and had another person edit it.  Each edit was followed by pouting. That’s not anything to be proud of, but it is in the aggregate. If you want to write, you will really need to release your ego.

You are not always right. It is your story, but professionals will make it readable. You don’t have to do what they say, but try it. They are professionals for a reason.

In all it really took a few years to get done and I wrote several others in the middle of that. Don’t be discouraged and don’t force it. You will have to learn what you need to to be successful. It takes time.

I’m going do a blog series on each facet of getting it done.  Please share this with anyone you know who likes fantasy fiction, I’d love comments and advice. I won’t promise to take it, but this is journey and the hard part starts now.

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